How Can I get information on purchasing a ownership share?

The PRC units are bought and sold on the open real estate market. The PRC Homeowners Board does not participate in listing or identifying units for sale.

If you are interested in purchasing an ownership unit, below are listed local real estate contacts that could assist you.

1.) Premiere Property Group-  850-231-65003
2.) Berkshire Hathaway’s-  850-534-3006
3.) Scenic Sotheby’s – 850-276-0947 Matt McGuire or 850-231-6052

Can units be rented?

NO. Units cannot be rented under any conditions. Owners may give Primary or Secondary time to another person but the owner remains responsible for all actions that occur at the PRC and in Watercolor.

Why do changes and repairs need to be made when units are occupied? Can’t you just wait until the off-season?

Repairs often need to be made immediately. When the air conditioner breaks or the washer and dryer it is not possible to wait. Every effort is made to accommodate the schedule of the current occupants but the occupants cannot refuse to allow the repairs to be made.