Each ownership unit must designate one person to make the reservations for all owners of that share. Only communications from the designated contact will be allowed to make reservations.

Primary and Secondary reservations start and end on Sunday.

Special requests may be made for specific floors or units but there is NO guarantee that these will be honored.

We have three types of reservations

Primary – This reservation is made 1 year in advance of your visit. Each ownership unit has the right to make one of these per calendar quarter. Primary reservations canceled less than 30 days before the scheduled arrival date will be treated as having been used. If canceled greater than 30 days the owner may attempt to reschedule their visit for a different week in that quarter.

Secondary – each owner has one secondary week a year. Secondary weeks can be scheduled 6 months in advance. A secondary week may run concurrently with a primary week.

Bonus – Bonus weeks allow the use of units that have not been previously scheduled. Bonus weeks may not be scheduled more than one month in advance. THE OWNER MUST BE PRESENT TO USE BONUS TIME.

When requesting reservations

  • Include your name
  • Include a first, second, and Third choice of time periods.
  • send an email to [email protected]
  • Email must not be postmarked before the time published in the announcement email.
  • Include any specific requests (no guarantee that the request will be honored).